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Wirxly simplifies managing your business activities through an easy-to-use solution that seamlessly orchestrates essential functions.

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Task Management

Create and assign tasks to individuals and groups. Each task supports attachments and a dedicated discussion stream.

Discussion Channels

Unlimited discussion channels for posting comments and real-time collaboration.

File Sharing

Create any number of artifact folders for client uploads/downloads, and project resources.

Document Collaboration

Automatically distribute document revisions to clients and teams while maintaining a complete revision history.


Assign guests and teams to folders, discussions, tasks and documents to partition project workspaces.


Easily view schedules at a global or project level.

Email Support

Client and team responses to Wirxly notifications automatically import to the assigned project and topic.


Assign granular roles and permissions to team members to maintain strong security.


Build out projects and save them as templates for quick launch.

Wirx Alerts!

Intelligent task monitoring.


Document Revision Management Simplified

Track your

Each time you revise your document(s), just check them in. Wirxly automatically distributes copies to teams and clients, while maintaining a complete revision history. Revision locking prevents others from checking in new changes while the document is being edited.

Replace Outdated Email

Wirxly discussion streams provide one-on-one and group conversations that are well organized and easy to follow.


Stay on Schedule

Wirx Alerts intelligent task monitoring identifies at-risk tasks and warns you while there's still time to meet those due dates. Unhandled alerts can be automatically escalated to a dedicated risk management team.

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Private Label

Seamlessly integrate Wirxly into your website with your logo and colors.


File Sharing and Client Uploads

Create any number of folders for secure client uploads, long-term download libraries, file sharing, collaboration and more. Folder can be assigned to different teams, clients, vendors, etc., with optional notifications triggered by new items.

Task Dependencies

Create tasks that automatically activate when other tasks are completed.


Data Security

Ransomware attacks are on the rise! Attackers use encryption to scramble your data so it can't be accessed, until a "ransom" is paid. But Wirxly's cold storage defense strategy protects you and your data.


Wirxly continuously transfers your online data to a cold storage repository where the information cannot be erased or modified. This guarantees that a pristine copy of your valuable information is always available. More...

 Chain of Custody

Wirxly tracks important collaborator activity in a forensic-style log.

Plans & Pricing


per month
no payment required
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Tasks
  • Artifacts
  • Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • No credit card required!
  • 100MB Storage


for 2-10 users
$4.95 monthly for 10+ users
  • Individual +
  • Disucssion Channels
  • Wirx Alerts
  • Guest Access
  • Security Roles
  • Project Templates
  • Unlimited Storage*

Interested in Private Label?

Pricing starts at $49/mo for 5 users. Use the contact form below to inquire.

Interested in Private Label?

Pricing starts at $49/mo for 5 users. Use the contact form below to inquire.

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