Inspired by personal experience

I've been on the client side of engagements with attorneys, accountants, interior designers and architects to name a few. While all of these professionals did outstanding work, I always found the experiences to be somewhat cumbersome.

Written communication, document revisions, file sharing were always a common theme, and none of these businesses had a client-facing solution. It was just old-fashioned email and some kind of freemium cloud drive that involved a lot of "try it now" reconfigurations.

Group email messages became confusing and it was never clear who was supposed to get copied or when to copy them. Searching through emails for old attachments (that I didn't think I'd ever need) felt like a scavenger hunt. And when it came to document collaboration, there were times when I wasn't sure if I had the most recent changes.

My background in information technology made me well informed of business solutions that could work for these companies, but I also knew from experience that they would be overwhelmed by the "built-by-programmers" jargon and format onboarding procedures. They needed something simple that could scale on demand from a couple of adventurous adopters to a company-wide solution.

After I sold my former company, I set out to create Wirxly, an intuitive, affordable cloud-based application that brings small and medium businesses into the modern world of client engagement and team productivity. And I look forward to bringing that experience to businesses everywhere.

Michael H. Paycher

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