Team Talk


Did you remember to set your global calendar in user settings? If you’re using Wirxly in a team environment, setting the global project will activate Team Talk on the side menu.

Wirxly is carefully designed to keep communication siloed so that conversations stay relevant to the project and topic. By keeping discussions focused on topics rather than individuals, this strategy promotes effective collaboration and clear documentation.

We also understand that there are occasions when you need fast and frequent communication with your most immediate team members that doesn’t necessarily relate to a project. That’s where Team Talk is used. Team Talk discussions are focused on the participants rather than the topic.

Team Talk lets you instantly connect with one or more of your global team members without having to open a project. With a single click, you can select any one team member to start a chat, or you can use the group select menu to launch a group conversation.

Team Talk histories stay with the collection of members that participated in the conversation. For example, if you start a conversation with team members Joe and Lisa, that history will only appear in future conversations with Joe and Lisa. If you close the Team Talk window and start a conversation with Joe, Lisa and Kelly, the earlier discussion with Joe and Lisa won’t be shown.

While this feature is convenient for transactional messaging, keep in mind that any topical discussions should stay with the related project.

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