Wirx Alerts


Project and task management can be tricky business. So much so that an industry-recognized certification exists for those specializing in the field. Wirxly task management focuses on the essentials of the industry's best practices, but with an added feature.

Wirx Alerts is an intelligent task monitoring system that alerts an assigned team of risk managers when it detects tasks falling behind schedule. Before the red alert is sounded, however, the task assignee and followers are given an opportunity to remedy the warning by updating the task with a current progress status. The driving principle of Wirx Alerts is to promote good task management habits by encouraging teams to stay current with progress updates, albeit, under threat of escalation.

Wirx Alerts looks for tasks that haven't been updated frequently enough based on the current date relative to the due date. Unscheduled tasks, or tasks without due dates are not monitored.

Skeptics may argue that team members will just game the system by frequently updating tasks to prevent distress alerts, but that's exactly the intended effect. With Wirx Alerts, tasks can't be unwittingly ignored. By forcing the assignees to update tasks they would otherwise miss, it elevates their awareness and mitigates delinquencies.

The initial warning provides a small window of opportunity for remediation by the assignee and followers, otherwise the alert is escalated to a designated team. Ultimately, awareness leads to intervention which mitigates risk and the potential impact of a missed deadline.

Three different monitoring modes, minimal, normal and aggressive, affect how early in the task lifecycle warnings can be dispatched.

If deadlines are important to your business, Wirx Alerts can give you an additional level of protection to keep things on schedule.

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