Revision Management

Revision Tracking
Maintain a secure history of your drafts and easily revert to an earlier version if needed.
Structure Manuscripts
Use tags to organize sections, scenes, chapters, etc. Easily merge them together into a final draft.
Experimental Drafts
Test out new ideas by tagging experimental drafts. Move them back to the main revision or safely purge them.
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Powerful features for individuals and teams.
  • Task Management

    Manage all of your to-do items and reminders with alerts.

  • Artifacts

    Quickly organize all of your resources such as notes, website links, images and files in custom libraries.

  • Collaborate

    With teams, you can share resources, automatically distribute drafts for comments, assign tasks and much more!


Protect your Intellectual Property

Wirxly's Chain of Custody report is a tamper-proof, forensic log of your development activity.
  • Logs revision activities including commits, downloads, tag changes, voids and more.
  • Uniquely identifies revisions using digital cryptographic hashes.
  • Records access by anyone with whom you share revision documents when using the share feature.
  • Help protects your intellectual property before you apply for copyright registration.
  • Downloadable in PDF format.

Storage Security

Using strong encryption and multiple layers of online and cold-storage technology, Wirxly follows industry best-practices to protect your valuable information.

Two-step Authentication

For maximum account protection, Wirxly provides optional two-step authentication using your mobile device.

How it Works

Good documentation is essential in arguing intellectual property disputes. If you should ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of an IP legal claim, Wirxly's Chain of Custody report can help. The report provides a detailed chronology of your project development, including a record of others with whom you have electronically shared your documents using Wirxly. These details establish a compelling legal argument that the Wirxly project creator is the rightful intellectual property owner.

Choose your plan

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  • 1 Project
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1 Revision Tag
  • Two-step Authentication
  • Dashboard
  • No credit card required!
  • 5GB Storage
  • Free +
  • Unlimited Projects & Tags
  • Artifacts
  • Tasks
  • Chain of Custody Report
  • Mobile (coming soon)
  • 25GB Storage
As low as $3.49
  • Professional +
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Task Assignments
  • Task Dependencies
  • Team Collaboration
  • Security Roles
  • 150GB Storage
Additional storage $0.95/25GB per month. See FAQs for more information about plan features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guest access lets you to collaborate with non-Wirxly members. You can allow guests to receive automatic email notifications for access to specific revisions, artifacts and discussion channels. Guests are not required to create a Wirxly account to use these features.

Teams provides collaboration tools that guests cannot access, such as:

  • Task management
  • Revision management
  • Tag management
  • Library management
  • Security roles and permissions

No, guests are not required to have a paid subscription.

For the most part, guests can collaborate with Wirxly project creators through email. Guests can also sign on to Wirxly under the Free Plan for even more collaboration features.

Safe Share allows you to share access to your project revisions with others through email. When the recipient clicks the download link, Wirxly records information about the recipient in the Chain of Custody log. This gives you a consistent journal of who accessed your documents.

Discussion channels allow project teams and guests to share comments and connect with real-time chats. Each channel can be independently configured for participants.

Artifacts is a central space where you collect and organize all of your project inspirations and resources such as notes, websites, imagse and files. These items can also be shared with guests and teams.

Wirxly users that subscribe to the Team plan can create and join teams with other Team subscribers. There is no limit to how many teams you can create and join.

Team Licensing is when one member pays the subscription cost for a group of users. One advantage of Team Licensing is that you can invite more people to your license than the actual number of users on the license. For example, if you purchase a Team License for 5 users, you can invite more than 5 users to that license. The restriction is that only 5 people can use Wirxly at the same time on that license. Team Licenses are also discounted from the individual price.

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